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ซัพพลายเออร์ Sahamitr Pressure Container Plc.
Automotive LPG Cylinders
All our LPG cylinders are constructed from the premium quality hot-rolled steel sheets for the automobile sector. These sheets are approved under Thailand Industrial Standard (TIS 370) and also international standards such as the Australian standard code of AS/NZ 3509.
Strict emphasis on the safety in making the LPG cylinders which SMPC recognises and follows.
SMPC now have outstanding LPG containers for the automobile industry that ranges from 25 to 133 litres cylinders. In conjunction with Multi-Valve and OPD Valve (overfill prevention device) system, 3-separated valve system.
Additionally, SMPC is highly-skilled in the production of Automotive Toroidal LPG Cylinder in various sizes, dimensions and colours according to all our customers’ requests.
ซัพพลายเออร์ Sahamitr Pressure Container Plc.
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LPG Cylinders

LPG Cylinders The company’s LPG cylinders are manufactured from high-quality, durable premier-quality steel, and have different thicknesses in accordance with each country’s specifications. We are manufacturing for both domestic uses and export. LPG cylinders are divided into 2 major types including 2-piece cylinder (0.9-36 liters of water capacity) and 3-piece cylinder (43-450 liters of water capacity).
ซัพพลายเออร์ Sahamitr Pressure Container Plc.
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