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Rotor Pump
4 ปี ago

Rotor Pump


◆The pump is a positive displacement lobe rotor pump designed according to USA 3A standard. ◆The equipment is processed with USA 3A to a very strict hygienic requirement. ◆The pump is suitable for transferring viscous and low-viscous media in the food-processing, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.

Technical specifications

◆ Maximum flow: 90m3 / H ◆ Maximum pressure: 20bar ◆ Maximum temperature: 150 ℃ ◆ Maximum speed: 750 rpm ◆ Material: ASTM 316L, 1.4404 ◆ Inside surface: Ra0.8μm ◆ Certificate: 3-A-02-11NO.1579; CE-MD / 06-42; FDA.177.2600 ◆ Horizontal TUL ◆ Vertical TUR ◆ Butterfly rotor (standard) ◆ Mechanical seal: Single mechanical seal (standard) double mech
Vane pump
4 ปี ago

Vane pump

FEATURE: คุณสมบัติ ปั๊มไฮดรอลิก แบบใบพัด (Vane pumps) รุ่น VCM-1M, 2M, 3M Series

FIXED DISPLACEMENT VANE PUMPS (ปั๊มไฮดรอลิก แบบใบพัดชนิดค่าคงที่)
  1. High Pressure, High efficiency, applicable to any kinds of machines.
  2. Low noise, agreeable to loe-noise enviromental requirement.
  3. Wide displacement range, from 5.8 c.c. to 116 c.c. satisfactory to all variety of machinery design.
  4. Special cartridge, easy for maintenance.
hydraulic power unit
4 ปี ago

Hydraulic Power Unit

Product Specifications:

Item Hydraulic Power Unit
Built-In Features Adjustable Relief Valve
Full Load Amps 28.4/14.2A
HP 10
Hz 50/60
Max. Pressure 1470 psi
Mounting Horizontal
Nominal Flow 10 gpm
Overall Height 23"
Overall Length 38"
Overall Width 24"
Phase 3
Pressure Port 1-1/16"-12 (SAE 12)
Reservoir Capacity 30 gal.
Return Port 1-5/16"-12 (SAE 16)
RPM 1800
Voltage 230/460VAC
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